Deptford Apartments Near Philadelphia International Airport
With so many different apartments from which to choose, finding the perfect one for you can seem overwhelming. After a while, all the features and amenities seem to sort of blend together. Experts say that most people are happiest when they find a neighborhood or general location that makes them happy. Top-notch on-site amenities are certainly a plus, but what seems to be the most important is location. Do you travel regularly for work or pleasure, for example? Proximity to major highways and/or a major airport would be a huge plus. Such is the case with living at Stonybrook apartments. Whether you work at the airport, travel frequently, or love having out-of-town guests come to visit, choosing one of our Deptford Apartments near Philadelphia International Airport is going to be the way to go.

We know what you're thinking: airplane noise. That's the beauty of Stonybrook Luxury apartments. The community is not right on top of the airport. It's about a 20-minute drive, so it's close for a commute, yet far enough away that you aren't near the noise and congestion of the immediate area.

The property itself is modern and comfortable enough to accommodate a visiting business colleague, also. Host important business meetings at the business center, or set a more casual atmosphere by socializing with colleagues over a game of tennis or at the pool. There's even a theater on-site. From Stonybrook, it's easy to get to Philadelphia, Cherry Hill, or Collingswood, which makes corporate dinner events convenient also.

If you work at the airport, knowing you can be home within 20 minutes after you've had a long and tiring day is a huge relief. Therefore, considering Deptford apartments near Philadelphia International Airport is a must. If you've got a furry family member waiting for you at home, Stonybrook is definitely the one for you, because we know that an apartment isn't truly a home without a pet. Living close to where you work also means you can have more time for yourself each morning and evening. The on-site fitness center helps you get your workout in without requiring you to wake up 3 hours early, for example.

Our Deptford Apartments near Philadelphia International Airport are a great choice for anyone, but especially for those who travel often, regularly host out-of-town guests for business or pleasure, or who work at the airport. Pet-friendly, great amenities, beautiful grounds, proximity to the Philadelphia airport and major highways, make Stonybrook a the right new home for you. Call today to schedule a tour of Stonybrook Apartments!