Apartments Near Dupont Pediatrics in Deptford
If you're a parent, your children are never far from your mind. If you work in pediatrics, the ability to quickly get to the scene of an emergency is also never far from your mind. It's important that you and your entire family feel comfortable in your home, as well. So, when looking for a new apartment, of course you're looking for places that fit these criteria and more. Stonybrook in Deptford, for example, is comfortable, pet-friendly, situated on beautiful grounds, and includes a swimming pool, tennis courts, playground, and picnic area. When considering a move, kids are thinking about things like school, friends, playgrounds, and swimming pools. Whereas parents are thinking about health and safety. Looking at apartments near DuPont Pediatrics in Deptford means you're just a 10-minute drive to quality children's healthcare.
A short, convenient commute to work is a good incentive for just about anyone who works outside of the home. Stonybrook is right near the major highways, which means access to all sorts of places you'd want to go to. For employees of DuPont Pediatrics, proximity to the healthcare center, however, means you can have more downtime before and after a hard day. Pediatrics is a rewarding field, but it's nothing short of exhausting, physically and emotionally. Being able to quickly get home after a long day and relax by the pool or just slip into sweatpants and enjoy a glass of wine in the comfort of your own home is priceless.
For potential residents looking for apartments near DuPont Pediatrics in Deptford, proximity to a healthcare facility that's well-known for their pediatric specialists is more than just a comforting thought. Specialists there have been named some of the “Best Doctors in America(R)” year after year. That means you are working with some of the best doctors in the country, and that your children are receiving the best care possible. No one wants to think their child will require surgery or extensive medical care, but Nemours DuPont Pediatrics features an ambulatory outpatient surgery center with two operating rooms and 10 prep and recovery rooms. There is also onsite medical imaging, including X-rays, MRIs, swallowing studies, and ultrasounds. There's nothing quite like having all those options at one location.
DuPont Pediatrics also offers therapeutic services, such as occupational, physical and speech therapy, and audiology. Their rehabilitation facilities, including therapy gym and pool, are state-of-the-art. In fact, the therapeutic pool is the first pediatric pool in the area. Also, because hospitals are one of the least-fun places to visit, especially for children, DuPont prides itself in its all-abilities playground. It's a wheelchair accessible play place built to allow children of all abilities to play together and get their minds off the doctor's office for a while. These kinds of healthcare amenities are not just a testament to the pediatric facility itself, but also to the community.
Finding apartments near DuPont Pediatrics in Deptford is important to consider. It's not always easy to find the perfect place to live, but between the floor plans, the apartment and community amenities, and proximity to DuPont Pediatrics, Stonybrook might just be exactly what you're looking for in a new apartment. Call today to schedule a tour!